Result driven facials with a goal of changing your skin.


Even a facial can change your skin. At Vitahl, we pride ourselves on being skin experts. If you don’t know which facial will be best for you, consult one of our knowledgeable clinicians.


The Fountain
The Fountain of Youth. The ultimate anti-aging facial. This luxurious, intensive medical facial uses iS Clinical skincare to produce younger, firmer skin with no downtime. With a goal of improving skin circulation and hydration, The Fountain facial will rejuvenate the appearance of youthfulness. By combining hyaluronic acids for hydration, ultra-sound waves to maximize serum penetration, and extended massage for ultimate relaxation, this facial is for the client seeking the ultimate facial experience. See for yourself why The Fountain is the most luxurious facial at Vitahl. 90 minutes.


Innovative Medical Facial
Known as the ‘Red Carpet Facial’ among the Hollywood A-listers, this innovative facial is VITAHL’s version of the Medical Facial. Using iS Clincial skincare, this facial resurfaces the skin and treats acne safely and effectively using a combination of rejuvenating masks, potent serums, and luxurious creams. Not only will you treat your acne, your skin will come out glowing. Good for aging and acneic skin types. 50 minutes.


FisZZ Facial
VITAHL’s version of the Spa Facial, the FisZZ Facial is designed to smooth, brighten, and purify your skin. This effective, yet luxurious facial is designed to provide you with immediate and lasting results using iS Clinical skin care products. During the facial, a warming honey & papaya enzyme are combined to cleanse your skin while providing an aromatic and nurturing sensation. A mud masque of citrus & rosemary is applied to open your pores and draw out additional impurities. Next, a citric acid resurfacing masque is used to exfoliate & smooth the skin while providing a champagne-like sensation. Finally, a copper and botanical mist to aide in collagen production is applied. Good for all skin types, this facial will relax you while changing your skin. 50 minutes.


Blu-U Facial
The Blu-U acne light works by killing the p.acnes bacteria, inhibiting obstruction of the sebaceous follicle and the formation of acne. This no-fluff facial, combines extractions and Blu-U light to treat active pustules and the bacteria that causes acne.
50 minutes.


2-in-1 Facial Peel
Combine facial extractions with an add-on chemical peel. This no-fluff facial is results-driven to help you clear up Acne, even out pigment, and smooth out your skin. 40 minutes.


2-in-1 Facial Microderm
Combine facial extractions with an add-on Microdermabrasion. This no-fluff facial is results-driven to help you clear up Acne and smooth out your skin. 40 minutes.


Xpress Facial
This mini Medical Facial helps to clear up acne and exfoliate the skin. 30 minutes.


Facial Add-Ons
Upgrade facials to correct skin problems.

Add-on Chemical Peel
Add-on Microdermabrasion
Add-on Blu-U
Add-on Ultrasound SuffusionTM