Pearl™ Fractional

The ultimate in wrinkle reduction.


Interested in treating wrinkles, sundamage or uneven skin texture? Pearl Fractional may be the answer for you. As the newest laser at Vitahl, Pearl Fractional is revolutionizing the treatment of deep wrinkles in as few as one treatment. Pearl Fractional offers the best combination of patient experience and recovery time with maximum results and rapid recovery. Experience the ultimate in wrinkle reduction for yourself.



Pearl™ Fractional Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pearl Fractional treatment?
What does “fractional” mean? How does the Pearl Fractional treatment work?
How many treatments are recommended?
Who is a candidate for a Pearl Fractional treatment?
What areas of the face can be treated?
What can I expect during the Pearl Fractional treatment?
How does a Pearl Fractional treatment feel?
What is “social” downtime?

When will I see results? How soon can I wear make-up?

What can I expect after a Pearl Fractional treatment?

Can Pearl Fractional be part of a combination therapy treatment?

How does Pearl Fractional compare to other fractional laser treatments?