Sydney A. on Demandforce January, 2015
Tammy is amazing. She gets my eyebrows just perfect everytime. She is great to spend time with!

Stephanaie D. on Demandforce January, 2015
Clean, friendly, professional and caring – from the front door through client treatment and care! Loved the results and they really made the experience each time wonderful!

Louise A. on Demandforce December, 2014
While the Botox unit price was a bit higher than I am use to paying I felt the service and expertise was worth the added cost.

Lindsay D. on Demandforce December, 2014
Great staff and service, every time.

Lindsay B. on Demandforce December, 2014
I was in for my 5th tattoo laser removal appointment. It’s a painful procedure so they made sure to numb my arm before they started. Alithia was great; she told me what she doing at all times and have me breaks as needed. The gals at the front are really friendly and make scheduling future appointments a quick process. I am always impressed by the whole office!

Anonymous on Demandforce November, 2014
Professional, pleasant environment and they always do any excellent job.

Monica B. on Demandforce November, 2014
I had the most wonderful experience at Vitahl. The office staff was very friendly and informative. Kenna is great! She is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and she is a skilled dermal injector. I had Juvaderm Voluma to the cheek area, and the result is amazing. I would wholeheartedly recommend Vitahl to my friends and co-workers.

Anonymous on Demandforce November, 2014
I get peels often, and know what peels I like and work for my skin. Moving around for work forces me to visit different offices for peels. I hate, more than anything requesting a peel I love and having an aesthetician try to upsell me in a monitory consultation. Vitahl allowed me to make an appointment for exactly what I wanted without a consultation. They were amazing! Alithia was very friendly and knowledgeable! This location will always be my stop when I’m in and out of Denver.

Lisa S. on Demandforce November, 2014
EVERYBODY is professional, friendly and punctual. I have been going to Vitahl for 4 years and have worked with a number of different people on your team, and have had a great experience with each and every one.

Anonymous on Demandforce November, 2014
Kenna is fabulous. Knowledgeable and sweet. Conservative..which I appreciate. She doesnt push anything on you.

Jennifer F. on Demandforce November, 2014
Love love love this place!! I have been a customer for about 7 years & every single time I have a fantastic experience.

Gary C. on Demandforce November, 2014
I love coming there. I would rather hang out there all day with the staff then go to work. I am always happy with the results and if there is something i don’t like they are quick to make sure to make it right.

Anonymous on Demandforce November, 2014
Had my 2nd treatment of miradry with Lexi yesterday. She was fabulous- virtually pain-free! I had great confidence in her, and she made me feel very comfortable. First treatment was also a very positive experience with no post-op pain, and minimal swelling. After the first treatment, results lasted 2.5 mos, but did return gradually to near baseline after 4 mos. Hopefully, the results will be lasting after the 2nd treatment which was performed at a higher level. Despite the higher setting swelling and pain is still minimal. Great staff; will review the final procedure in 4 mos.

Jessica C. on Demandforce November, 2014
The staff here is really, really friendly. They are constantly striving to ensure their staff is informed.

Diane D. on Demandforce November, 2014
Did lips. Kenna was amazing. She took the time that was needed for great results. Front desk staff knocked on door during treatment and that was very uncomfortable. They were trying to hurry her up. Give Kenna enough time so she can do her job without hurrying her. I really appreciate the time Kenna spent with my daughter and myself. Kenna, Kenna, Kenna!!!!!

Anonymous on Demandforce November, 2014
I will not go anywhere else for my treatment. I love this place and the service provided.

Becky O. on Demandforce October, 2014
Lexi Lewis is wonderful! She was excellent in explaining the procedures, extremely thorough and meticulous. I will definitely be back to see her. She is a great asset to your organization.

Joyl S. on Demandforce October, 2014
excellent customer service – always.

Nancy T. on Demandforce October, 2014
She is so personable and professional

Karen J. on Demandforce October, 2014
fabulous- no bruising!!!!

Shane H. on Demandforce October, 2014
I recently did the miradry treatment with Lexi and cannot say enough good things about her and the treatment. I was skeptical about whether or not the treatment would work for me. Even with all the positive reviews about it I still had my doubts. So far I have zero sweating under my arms and I still have to do the second treatment. Anyone who deals with underarm sweating knows how socially embarrassing it can be. This has definitely been life changing for me and I am so excited about it. Lexi was absolutely wonderful. She was very attentive to any discomfort I was in and made the whole process go very smooth. Post treatment she has been extremely thorough about how I am doing and any questions or concerns I have had. I can tell she cares greatly about what she does anD the people she treats which is very refreshing and rare. The shots were really not bad at all and the pain level was very minimal. After the treatment there was maybe a day of discomfort more due to the swelling but no pain. Overal the staff made the whole process easy and I give them 5 stars without hesitation.

Deborah M. on Demandforce October, 2014
This was my 2nd visit to Vitahl and for a completely different service. I found the second visit to be under a much more professional atmosphere. I felt very comfortable Kenna and felt she was very knowledgeable in her trade. I am glad to see the change.

Mary S. on Demandforce October, 2014
Best service ever! My skin looks and feels amazing.

Anonymous on Demandforce September, 2014
Love Kenna. Your semi new receptionist was chewing gum like a cow. It was really tacky.

Anonymous on Demandforce September, 2014
Great SPA, beautiful results every time!

Sydney A. on Demandforce September, 2014
Tammy is great, as always she did a fantastic job! Also, she is so personable, I just love seeing her!!

Ellyn G. on Demandforce September, 2014
I highly recommend Vitahl! I have had a very positive experience there! A few things in particular will keep me coming back: First, all of the ladies that work at Vitahl are so friendly and personable, they make my appointments enjoyable! Second, Vitahl is flexible with scheduling and is always able to accommodate my scheduling needs, while also showing respect for my time by being on-time. Third, the laser tattoo removal treatment that I was receiving has been very successful! After 5 sessions my tattoo has almost vanished – a result I never thought would be possible! I’m thrilled!

Sara T. on Demandforce September, 2014
Kenna as always is amazing. She nails it everytime and is so confident in her style. I trust her with my face and with any recommendations, injections, and treatments. She just knows whats right and it shows everytime.

Danielle D. on Demandforce September, 2014
Kenna is AMAZING! : ) I highly recommend VITAHL to my friends and colleagues!

Anonymous on Demandforce September, 2014
received excellent service!

Anonymous on Demandforce August, 2014
Mckinna (sp?) I’m pretty sure that’s her name, is just the sweetest thing. It’s a pleasure to be around her. LOVED the Botox Bestie special. Such a great idea!

Josanne S. on Demandforce August, 2014
Great services from Kenna as always. She listens to her clients, gives honest advice and recommendations. Will be a client forever!!!

Anonymous on Demandforce August, 2014
Kenna was wonderful, but I was really surprised at the price. I’ve been paying around $350 for Botox, but I thought I’d try a new place and this one was highly recommended. My Botox yesterday was about $580 – a $230 difference. And despite the great experience, I’m not sure it’s worth $230 more.

Anonymous on Demandforce August, 2014
Kenna was great! Made me feel very comfortable and did a great job!

Rosanne A. on Demandforce August, 2014
Professional and friendly staff.

Tatum P. on Demandforce August, 2014
I learned of Vitahl through a living social promotion for tattoo removal. Vitahl’s individual tattoo removal sessions are priced pretty high but their packages are reasonable. It took 3 years and 16 sessions but thanks to the great staff at Vitahl my tattoo has almost completely disappeared.

Jordan S. on Demandforce August, 2014
Kennah is amazing! Just turned 30 and decided to start Botox on my forehead. My forehead is now beautiful and wrinkle free! The salon in itself is very clean, professional, and calming. This place is perfect for Botox!

Ashley N. on Demandforce August, 2014
I have been going to vitahl for about a year now for tattoo removal to which I have been very satisfied. I started to get some hyper pigmentation on my face so also started receiving dermaplanes as well. The staff that originally sold me these packages were great and I was very happy with the progress. The last two services have been with new people and have just been so-so. I have another appointment scheduled, so I will see how it goes or will not be returning.

Jessica C. on Demandforce July, 2014
Kenna is the sweetest thing on two legs. She goes put of her way to make you feel at ease and really listens. The staff is very friendly. I had another treatment there and didn’t love the experience, but I wouldn’t go to anyone but Kenna for ant sorry if injectables. Everyone is very professional and invested in the client having the best results.

Lindsay D. on Demandforce July, 2014
Love Vitahl and my dermaplane treatments with Kim.

Sharon S. on Demandforce July, 2014
Wonderful, gracious service, everything they represented was right on!

Nina K. on Demandforce July, 2014
Have had great experiences at VITAHL. Kenna is super. The front desk staff is also very helpful and courteous. Would highly recommend VITAHL for anyone looking to enhance his/her inner and outer beauty.

Gary C. on Demandforce July, 2014
The women that worked the day of my appointment remind me of the song you make me smile they including Kenna make it easy to come back.

Anonymous on Demandforce July, 2014
Very helpful and pleasant! The free consultation was exactly what I needed.

Angie V. on Demandforce July, 2014
I love VITAHL! Wonderful staff and Kenna is the BEST, very knowledgable and precise!

Melesia Z. on Demandforce June, 2014
Thank you for such a great experience!

Anonymous on Demandforce June, 2014
Kenna is AMAZING! I adore her!! : ) She explains things in detail and makes me feel comfortable. The girls at the front desk are professional and friendly. I always have a wonderful experience at Vitahl!

Lisa S. on Demandforce June, 2014
An excellent office to help with all your cosmetic needs and concerns.

Emily S. on Demandforce June, 2014
The staff at Vitahl are always so accommodating and welcoming. They do everything they can to make clients comfortable, even during not-so-comfortable procedures. I make the trip all the way from Summit County for them; they’re the best!

Kathy S. on Demandforce June, 2014
I have had two occasions where I booked a bikini laser treatment with a specific person only to get there and find I was scheduled with an unknown person. This would be fine if it was a manicure or pedicure, but it’s a bikini laser! I find the facilities to be less than desireable; locks on lockers don’t work, no towels in the restroom (although I appreciate the Dyson hand dryer, one needs a towel at times). Seems to be unorganized when it comes to time to “numb” for treatment.

Janne L. on Demandforce June, 2014
Very satisfied

Mark H. on Demandforce June, 2014
Had a great facial with Alithia. She is extremely knowledgeable about the skin and and the products available to alleviate the effects of the environment and sun damage on the skin. She provided me a relaxing and refreshing experience. I’ll go back on a regular basis.

Anonymous on Demandforce June, 2014
Kimberly is an expert when it comes to dermaplane! She always does a fabulous job and is very knowledgeable about skin care in general. Also, the iS clinical youth eye complex is the ONLY eyecream I’ve ever used that actually works. It’s a little pricey, but a little goes a long way and the results are amazing!

Anonymous on Demandforce June, 2014
Friendly and knowledgable. Private and professional.

Dustin F. on Yelp 4/13/14
My wife and I recently discovered Vitahl for some spa treatments. This is not your local massage spa, this is a high-end ‘medical spa’ featuring services from Botox to …Read More

Kim D. on Yelp 3/25/14
In my 20 some odd years of getting facials and having a variety of spa treatments both in Denver and around the country – I can honestly say I have found the best location in my own backyard …Read More

Mark H. on Yelp 2/21/14
Can’t say enough good things about this place. Beautiful office and great location.Came in here for a consultation about the MiraDry procedure and left excited to get it done. The girls here are all wonderful and …Read More

Emily M. on Yelp 10/9/2013
After getting pregnant and having my first child, my skin TOTALLY changed…for the worse. As a 30-year-old woman with acne for the first time…Read More

Adam Novinska on Google 9/2013
Vitahl is incredible. I went in for MiraDry and the staff went above and beyond any expectation I had to keep me comfortable and relaxed during the procedures. The office is beautiful, the staff are very friendly and I’d highly recommend Vitahl to anyone. Really a great experience overall.

Cindy Roberts on Google 10/2013
I love this place got refferred by a friend. My skin has improved so much! Make sure you ask about their deals because they have alot of stuff going on all the time! They have been great with my price range and the people that work here are always friendly and proffessional. Angel, the lady I see is so talented and experienced and such a sweet woman. My skin has literally went from horrible to so great! I def recommend this out of any place in Denver

Marion Grant on Google 7/2012
Vitahl is a gorgeous, medical day spa with easy parking, great staff, miraculous products and services, and incredible monthly specials. I have gone to Vitahl for the …Read More

Kim Robinson on Google 3/2013
Great place. Staff is friendly and informative and did not try to oversell products. Took great care of my skin. Definitely recommend

Anonymous Google 8/2013
Vitahl is incredible. I went in for MiraDry and the staff went above and beyond any expectation I had to keep me comfortable and relaxed during the procedures. The office is beautiful, the staff are very friendly and I’d highly recommend Vitahl to anyone. Really a great experience overall.

Dustin F. Denver, CO on yelp 4/19/2013
My wife and I recently discovered Vitahl for some spa treatments. This is not your local massage spa, this is a high-end ‘medical spa’ featuring…Read More

alicia w 4/20/2013 littleton, co
I originally found Vitahl on a recommendation for another spa. I went to the spa for a facial that stated it would help to get rid of lines. I was told that for the places that I had lines…Read More

karab on Demandforce on April 7, 2013
I called in the morning hoping to get an appointment in the next couple days. They had an opening….Read More

anonymous on demandforce.com on demandforce.com Marchch 22, 2013
It was excellent i love it the staff was wonderfull and helpfull with All the questions that i had in mind thank you

anonymous on demandforce.com March 22, 2013
A while back I had a series of microdermabrasion treatments at VITAHL. I went back recently for my first ever Botox treatment. Brooke took amazing care of me, taking her time with me, answering my questions, and offering her professional advice on my concerns. She suggested I do less Botox than I originally thought I needed (to avoid the “frozen” look) and helped me decide on Juvederm for my nasiolabial folds–something I really wanted to do but wasn’t sure about. She did an amazing job, and I am so pleased. My confidence is boosted. If you are thinking about making the jump into these kinds of treatments, you’re in good hands at VITAHL.

toddp on demandforce.com March 18, 2013
Brooke was great. She understood my needs and did a great job injecting “juvaderm ultra”. She also heard me when I mentioned botox and was able to do that as well in the same visit. I’ll be back.

anonymous on demandforce.com March 18, 2013
I love this place. I’ve only purchased Latisse from here, but the staff is always friendly and the prices are reasonable.

anonymous on demandforce.com March 15, 2013
I trust going to Vitahl because everyone there is professional and knowledgeable. It is always easy to get an appointment. ..and the environment is relaxing.

anonymous on demandforce.com March 14, 2013
My visits to Vitahl are something special that I do just for me. I have confidence in the qualified, experienced staff, and the knowledge that they share. Treatment outcomes are realistically explained so that my results are always exactly what I thought they would be.

lindsayj on demandforce.com March 14, 2013
Everyone was wonderful and I will be back! Megan was extremely helpful in emails we exchanged before my appointment and after. In the office I was greeted kindly and offered several beverage options. During my actual consultation Brooke was great. I cannot wait to get this tattoo removed and have already told several friends about you all.

kristend on demandforce.com March 12, 2013
Angel and the staff at Vitahl always makes me feel and look great!

carmelas on demandforce.com March 10, 2013
on demandforce.com Marchyann is great, the front desk desk is very friendly!

anonymous on demandforce.com March 9, 2013
Love Vitahl!! The staff are great make you feel right at home from the moment you walk in.

brandeek on demandforce.com March 7, 2013
The staff at VITAHL is courteous, kind and professional. I would recommend family and friends for any treatment they offer. Great experience!

tatump on demandforce.com March 7, 2013
The staff is always very professional, yet remain personable and friendly. It’s a pleasant experience to go to Vitahl – even for a painful tattoo removal!

erinak on demandforce.com March 3, 2013
The staff at Vitahl is always welcoming and professional, and the service is top notch. I would recommend Vitahl to any of my friends or family.

terryv on demandforce.com March 2, 2013
Dr Humes is friendly, professional and the best when it comes to Juvederm injections. I have referred Vitahl to many friends and continue to be very please over the years.

deef on demandforce.com March 1, 2013
Brooke did an awesome job and she listened to me and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the Botox.

salliet on demandforce.com March 1, 2013
It was a good experience

anonymous on demandforce.com March 1, 2013
Yes this is a luxury experience from the greeting at the door to the comfort, but the four stars are for the highly professional quality of the staff. Never have the feeling that they take the medical, professional part of their services very seriously.

daniellef on demandforce.com February 25, 2013
The atmosphere was pleasant and private. I felt very confident with Angel’s treatment recommendation and love the way my skin looks and feels!

anonymous on demandforce.com February 25, 2013
Front desk staff was attentive and service was time. Isabelle went above to to manage three of us instead of just two.

tammys on demandforce.com February 23, 2013
Everyone was so very nice ,professional. Great atmosphere. Makes people want to come back.

dionw on demandforce.com February 22, 2013
I love Vitahl! I have had success with every service I have tried there. The staff are friendly, knowledgable and accommodating. I wholeheartedly recommend Vitahl!

anonymous on demandforce.com February 16, 2013
Incredible service!

anonymous on demandforce.com February 10, 2013
Brook was very helpful and thorough.

kristenl on demandforce.com February 10, 2013
Angel was great for my dermaplane/glyco peel/ U/s therapy. Natalie was very professional and personal and informative. The staff a VITAHL are all wonderful. Thanks so much for a great experience.

anonymous on demandforce.com February 5, 2013
I have been a loyal client of Vitahl for 7 years, since they first opened. I am a beauty junkie. I have always recieved 5 star treatments and results from them and refer my friends constantly who also are wowed by the team at Vitahl. I live for my Botox, facials, vein removal, hair removal, peels, lasers,and products (IS Clinical is the best overall skin care I have ever used it has perfected my complection and the NeoCutis eye cream is amazing!) I think the Pearl Laser is fantastic, I did it 2 years ago and it changed my skin; the damage, pregnancy melasma. The Genesis Laseris my ultimate favorite treatment, talk about a glowing result. I just got the email they are offering it 40% off Pearl this month! Sign up for their newsletter and follow their facebook page for killer specials! Vitahl you are the best thank you for all the beauty boosts you give me!-xoxo

kristiner on demandforce.com February 4, 2013
Always great service!

anonymous on demandforce.com February 1, 2013
Terrific staff – very nice and dedicated. I would highly recommend them.

kimr on demandforce.com February 1, 2013
Beautiful environment, wonderful staff. On time and friendly! Getting my spider veins treated was a piece of cake! I will be back for more services!

markh on demandforce.com January 17, 2013
Natalie did and excellent facial and provided a great experience on my first visit. She was knowledgeable about the products and was very informative about the additional services available to me on future visits.

Robyn A. on Citysearch February 08, 2013
I was recently referred to Vitahl by aclose friend and couldn’t be happier with my choice to go there. I see Angel who is very professional and….Read More

Marion Grant. on Google 11/2012
Quality Excellent
Vitahl is a gorgeous, medical day spa with easy parking, great staff, ….Read More

Ariana G. on Yelp 1/3/2013
Great experience. Knowledgeable and friendly staff, comfortable surroundings, extensive services menu…Read More

Ann C. on citysearch 12/18/12
very knowledgeable staff. theyexplained different treatment a variety of options for my skin concerns….Read More

Lisa S. on citysearch 11/30/12
Amazing customer service and results! I have recently had the Ovivo Sol treatment for redness and sun damage. My results are fantastic!….Read More

on yelp 8/27/12
I’m in the process of having an entire sleeve of tattoos and several others removed. Brooke, Tahl and Angel, who have been responsible…..Read More

on citysearch.com August 27, 2012
I’m having my entire left sleeve of tattoos removed in addition to a few others, and can’t say enough about the fantastic job Vitahl is doing! Dr. Humes began my proceedures about a year ago, and….Read More

Vitahl Medical Aestehtics on examiner.com Apr 30, 2012
As a client of Vitahl, I chose to write this review for several reasons. The staff is attentive, personable and professional. The center is sophisticated, uber clean and centrally located for your convenience…..Read More

on Yelp Feb 22, 2012
I have been going to Vitahl since they opened. Dr. Humes and her staff are very professional and super friendly….Read More

RingoD on Google Feb 13, 2012
I love this place! I have been going for years and the thoughtful recommendations of Dr. Humes and Dory corrected my mild rosacea redness. Most recently Angel has….Read More

C.S. on Angel’s Facebook
MIRACLE WORKER – you are the first and only person who was able to completely revitalize my skin! After thousands of dollars and countless years wasted trying to correct my melasma, you were able to….Read More

MC on Facebook – Jan 2012
I have struggled with Malasma for years and after my pregnancy, my condition worsened:(. I went to Vitahl for some help and after a couple of tries with different procedures I still had my brown splotches (is that a word??)….Read More

SteveC on Google – Aug 9, 2010
Denver’s leading Day Spa / Medical Spa I visited Vitahl several times to treat some skin discoloration and light facial wrinkles. Each visit I was warmly greated and well taken care of….Read More

Dana on Google – Aug. 25, 2010
THE BEST!!!!! This is yet the best Spa I’ve ever been to! They are so attentive, so caring, professional. I can’t thank them enough…Read More

CM on Google – Dec 29, 2010
Vitahl is amazing. Rashelle is outstanding and very knowledgeable. Even though I received a gift certificate to another spa for the holidays, I will be returning!

Grace on Google – Sep 17, 2011
I love Vitahl! Angel is the best when it comes to honest advice and what is best for my skincare regiment. I’m a very particular woman when it comes to this particular type of service. …Read More

audrey d on yelp – Dec 15, 2011
I had a wonderful experience today at Vitahl. I got Derma-planing and a chemical peel. Sure, my skin looks and feels fantastic, but it was Jessica who really got this place the 5 stars. Ask for her! She is really sweet, friendly and most of all informative!…Read More

Pamela M. on yelp – Dec 5, 2011
Loving this place

MJ r. on yelp – Nov 13, 2011
I would highly recommend Vitahl for your next visit. I was fortunate enough to have my facial done by Jessica. She is simply amazing. She is very sweet,knowledgeable and informative and she shows passion in what she does…Read More

Stephanie T. on yelp – Nov 21, 2011
Vitahl is as good as it gets! After trying multiple spas around Denver, I have finally found the perfect place! All the girls were so nicr, making sure I was taken care of and had all my questions answered. After filling out my paperwork I was greeted by Jessica…….Read More

jaclyn l. on yelp – Nov 5, 2011
I am so so so happy I came to see Dr. Humes! I moved here from NY where I used to see very well renowned dermatologist Amy Wechsler for botox and was so scared to go to some one new! I received AMAZING results at a great price……Read More

Amanda P. on yelp – Sep 23, 2011
Love, love, love this place! Front desk staff is friendly, the office is beautiful (and comfortable) and parking is easy. Most importantly, I have nothing but confidence in Angel and what she recommends for my skin!……Read More

Dianne C. on yelp – Sep 14, 2011
I did the laser genesis and dermaplane and both have awesome results. Love dermaplane! It’s a great fix for my dry, flaky skin and the genesis made my skin look great even just after the first session…….Read More

Phil p. on yelp – Apr 5, 2011
Vitahl is an amazing place! Dr. Humes is wonderful and great with her assessments. The entire staff is pleasant, not to mention gorgeous. customer service has always been excellent, Vitahl medical spa is very warm and welcoming……Read More

mary b. on yelp – Mar 10, 2011
It is always seeing Dory and have her work on my skin. I highly recommend the dema-planing. My skin feels like velvet when Dory…..Read More

Steve C. on yelp – Aug 9, 2010
I visited Vitahl several times to treat some skin discoloration and light facial wrinkles as I’m approaching 40. Each visit I was warmly greated and well taken care of…..Read More

Manny R. on yelp – Jul 29, 2010
Expert staff, a beautiful facility, and a physician who is actually involved in the treatments and operation of the clinic….Read More

Tommy B. on yelp – Dec 29, 2010
Dr. Humes is amazing!!! The staff is always super friendly and the environment is so relaxing!!!!….Read More

Chef Rachel R. on yelp – Apr 27, 2011
I think Dr.H is the classiest doctor in town! No matter what service I go in for, even if she isn’t available, I know her trained staff will take care of me. As a former medical journalist for CNN I would recommend them to be featured in any medical journal…..Read More

Kelly R. on yelp – Sep 16, 2010
I highly recommend DERMA-PLANING! Especially here, they do a fantastic job!…Read More

COliving on citysearch- Nov 21, 2011
Loving my results. I am new to Colorado and have been looking for a place to get my injectables as well as other treatments. I came across vitahl and couldnthave asked for a better experience. The entire staff was extremely welcoming…Read More

here in CO on citysearch – September 11, 2011
Vitahl Medical Aesthetics is a good recommendation. I have been going to Vitahl for a few years now, after asking my doctor if she could recommend such a place to help remove scares….Read More

AWESOME place. by isabelleinboulder
i’ve been a client and fan of vitahl’s since 2006. didn’t live in colorado yet, but was passing through denver and i wanted to get a touch up on some botox and had gotten a great recommendation from a injectable’s trainer in Seattle who spoke highly of Dr. Humes and Vitahl….Read More

Vitahl Medical Spa by rebecca1971
Life changing event for Migraine Sufferer…..
After suffering from chronic migraines for over twenty years, I finally decided to try Botox as a last resort. I knew that the treatment was not covered by insurance and that Britain had just approved Botox for the treatment of Migraine……Read More

Simply the best in Denver… by 7471valerie
I have had a number of procedures at Vitahl:
1) Fractional Laser – it was a bit painful…Dr. Hume kept telling me during the 20 minutes it took to perform, “You hate me now but you are going to love me in a few weeks!”……Read More

I love this place! by denvergirlthinks
I have been a long time client of Vitahl, since the year they opened! I have had a variety of treatments Laser Hair Removal, the Pearl, facials, Botox, Microderms, Chemical Peels, IPL, and Genesis….Read More

Best in Colorado by spameupgirl
I am a long time patient of Vitahl and just came on to write about my recent treatments. Almost three years ago I did a Pearl resurfacing laser. I did a second one, both changed my skin forever, for good….Read More

I started going to VITAHL in March 2010 when my face was the worst in all my years. I had cystic acne all over my face and was very desperate for help….Read More

THE BEST!!!!! By Dana – Aug 25, 2010
This is yet the best Spa I’ve ever been to! They are so attentive, so caring, professional. I can’t thank them enough. One more thing I loved is that they don push any products for you to buy….Read More

Denver’s leading Day Spa / Medical Spa?? By Steven – Aug 9, 2010
I visited Vitahl several times to treat some skin discoloration and light facial wrinkles. Each visit I was warmly greated and well taken care of. …Read More

Bringing back the YOUTH!! by Amanda Applebee
I have been a client of Vitahl for over a year now and recently went in for a procedure that I hadn’t had previously. Even with all my extensive research of the product, I was still pretty nervous….Read More

Vitahl by dlb50
One of my friends looked at my face the other day and commented that my skin looked SO great – no discoloration, no lines – “flawless” she said. We had this discussion about the products I routinely use and the treatments I’ve had….Read More